hiii everyone!

i know i’ve been kind of not here at all but ugh college is just really, really hard right now. i have lots of projects to do. and let me tell you, when your major is design there is no such thing as papers or essay. HA HA. i wish. nope, all my projects are something that has to be made, like build, or go through a deep projecting process and shit like that and yeah. very fucking annoying and i’m completely exhausted.

i check here every time i can and try to edit stuff, even if they are more for myself than anything.

i’m not going into hiatus but just thought i should let you guys know i’m still here, even though not as often. i mean, not that anyone noticed lmao. but yeah!!! stay safe!! study hard!! don’t chose design as your major!!! that’s how life should be~

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