asjfhasdasjhdjk omg thanks ;; that was like, my frist smut ever i guess

i’m happy you liked <3

no but you guys don’t get it. all my love for jongkey sherlock and dream girl era reversed because of that pic.

key fucking jjong against a wall, one hand over jjong’s mouth to keep him quiet; the other firmly holding a thigh high on his own hips, fingers so strongly pressing against tan skin that key can’t fucking wait to see the bruises that’ll form.

jjong whimpering, sweating, trying to move the best he can because he needs key deep, deep, deeper. that fat cock sliding in him with hard trusts, making jjong pant and moan against key’s palm, trying to keep his balance and barely managing to support his skinny legs around key’s waist.

it’s so fucking satisfying and hot the easy way key keeps jjong there on his dick. muscles of his biceps taut with force, face red and sweaty with concentration, never losing balance, never missing the pace. he keeps fucking him hard and good until jjong is a mess of moans, shaky fingers leaving key’s shoulders to grip his nape, the other hand going for a firm hold on his mohawk, bringing key down for a bruising kiss so he can come with his lips on those sinfully pink ones, moaning the climax of his pleasure there for key to swallow.

oh god yes key looks more buff than jjong im gonna cry


never listen to your fave band while making out with a whatever guy, it might ruin everything afterwards

avoid your favorite song at all costs

my dad told me he would only pick me up from work if it was raining again
TWO MINUTES before i have to go it starts pouring rain like crazy

god is real